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Renault Quatro L
  • Renault Quatro L


    Renault Quatro L

    São Brás de Alportel, Portugal, 2017


    The Renault 4L sold over 8 million units between 1961-1994 and was the first front wheel drive car produced by Renault.


    In Portugal, where this photo was taken, just over 190,000 units were produced and the car was officially known as ‘Renault Quatro L’


    The car fits the beautiful, traditional aesthetic of São Brás de Alportel perfectly and given the chance, travelling with this classic motor would always be the preferred option.


    Paul Stringer


    • Printed on Photo Lustre paper which utilises the latest microporous coating and ink receiving technologies resulting in fantastic prints. This versatile paper offers an extra wide colour gamut and the state-of-the-art super coating gives a superior UV and scuff protection.

      Prints are supplied with a small white border to assist with framing and mounting.

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