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Photography and video studio to hire based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter 

Studio Equipment + Hire Rates

Located in the hear of the Jewellery Quarter, PS Studios is a photography studio available to hire with lighting equipment and boasting tons of natural light.  We have a variety of backdrop colours, lift for equipment, a private bathroom and on street parking. 

Studio hire times 

9:30am - 5:30pm

Studio Size

L: 8.8m

W: 4.1m 

Backdrop/shooting space: 2.7m

Lighting Equipment

2 x LED Panels 

1 x VL150 Godox with Softbox and modifiers 

1 x Small Flash with Softbox 


Assorted Stands 

Full Day (8 Hours)
Half Day (4 Hours)
2 Hours

please note:

Within your booking time, please ensure you include set up and pack up. Any overtime will be charged at £25 per half an hour. 


Free WiFi

Private Bathroom

On street parking outside the studio

Lift  Access (please note: unfortunately, the studio is not wheelchair accessible yet)

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Booking Form

The Argent Centre

Frederick Street, Birmingham B1 3HS

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Hire Duration


Additional colour backdrops 

For any marks, dirt or scuffs left on the backdrop, there will be an additional charge of £10 per metre, per backdrop roll. 

Thank you!

We have received your booking request.

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JQ Studios

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