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THE city that spoke to me

Polarbear AKA
Steven Camden

polarbear'S POEM 

Polarbear's Interview

Before I knew what I was doing I was doing it
didn’t have a clue
Just channeling my nan so never thought to make a plan of me pursuing it
Glee Club revelation
Who the hell are all these people
and why is everyone so different and so equal
Big Bren and Kim and Dreadlock and Spoz
Understood the words but didn’t know what it was
Spoken word mate
they told me
You can say what you like
Just put words together and get on the mic. Right.
Cue a slew of hot brews and late nights
a new light had switched on
mouth don’t need pen to write
New in it but doing it for time
stories set music pouring out of me got fluent with rhyme
now I had a place where I could play with space and time
unconstrained by edges
this is good and this is mine
But mate I’m leaving
for London
the only person that I want
Only done one gig in Brum and now I’m off. Its back to front.
next thing I’m on stages
all over, but not back home for bloody ages
speaking stories about family, parks and old familiar faces
like the distance made the brummie bat sign shine a whole lot brighter
and the first roof that it shone from
was that Glee Club open mic’er.


polarbear'S artefact 

"This floppy disc used to carry the first ever attempts at writing rhyming stories in word documents. Pages and pages or scraps of ideas that only came t life when I stopped trying to type them and just used my mouth.


The CD is from a trip I took down to London to perform at The OneTaste festival (which I would later be part of programming) I dragged Andy down with his guitar and got him to play loops while I rhymed on top. We recorded a couple of tracks and burned them onto the ten discs we could afford. Sold em all except this one we kept for ourselves."

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